Cancer Nutrition Can Be Multivitamins Or Just Consulting The Diet

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Cancer Nutrition may be Both. Some medical scientists mean by “complying the diet” that is, meeting the minimum requirements for essential nutrients that individuals need to maintain health. Others mean by “complying the diet” that is, a minimum amount of cancer-fighting antioxidants, like vitamin C and vitamin E, in order to reduce the risk of cancer. From my perspective, cancer nutrition is reducing the risk that people will develop cancer as a result of behavior rather than genes.

From the perspective of a cardiologist, cancer is the most common killer in the Western world. It is estimated that about 500,000 people in the U.S. are killed each year by cancer. Among cancer patients, it is common for doctors to give patients up to 40,000 IUs (international units) of vitamin E per day.

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Research indicates that vitamin E and other antioxidants haveanti-cancer activities. Natural sources of vitamin E include green leafy vegetables, fish, sunflower seeds, wheat germ and oil. However, due to the higher antioxidant content of beef liver, it is preferable to take vitamin E supplements.

Just how big of an area this is:

The average life expectancy in the U.S. and U.K. is 70. The mean annual cancer death rate is between 12 and 15 per 100,000. That’s Reason #1 for taking an antioxidant multivitamin in above mentioned studies.

Cardiac stroke:

For patients with CHF, taking 50,000 IUs of vitamin E under supervision of a doctor may reduce the risk of stroke.

Antioxidants and chronic inflammation:

Recent research by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in Japan indicates that vitamins C and E taken together may have a greater effect than when taken alone. This is because antioxidants work synergistically.

deformity of aging:

People who live far from the equator suffer much damage to the immune systemas seen in heart disease, age related macular degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and some cancers. People living north of the equator that get shortYears like these are prone to such chronic diseases.


Antioxidants, and vitamin C in particular, successfully combine with cholesterol and fatty acids to combat aging. Antioxidants also neutralizeacts of free radicalsinduced by extreme stress.

Sustaining heart health:

Heart disease is primarily caused by oxidative damage and inflammation. A heart patient who ingests theos while fighting free radicals may improve his/her heart health.

Energyamp;weight loss:

People who are obese tend to lose the burns on their skin much slower than their lean counterparts. Also, as their bodies tend to retain far more fluids than normal, fluid retention often makes the patient gain weight. Taking vitamin E could significantly reduce this problem.

Cancer prevention:

By eliminating free radicals, vitamin E could potentially offer protection against certain types of cancer.

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