Don’t Underestimate The Importance Of Calcium To Your Health

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Calcium is the most abundant mineral in our bodies. We all know that we need calcium for strength and health. But what many may not realize is that calcium is essential to every major bodily function. It is needed for muscle contraction, secretion of hormones and enzymes, transmission of nerve impulses, and clotting of blood.

A lack of calcium can cause a number of problems, and these include:

· Weak teeth and bones· Brittle nails· intermittent or poor sex drive· Muscle spasms· Difficulty breathing· Yellowing of the skin· Eyesight· Slowing feeling in the hands and feet· Constipation· Osteoporosis· Gallstones· Hydrocarbohydrates not being digested· Hypoglycemia· Insomnia· Bladder control problems· Rib fractures· Mispronounced words• Depression• Lack of coordination like stroke victims• High blood pressure• High cholesterol• Other heart related illnesses• Preeclampsia• Breast tissue growth restriction

Since a calcium deficiency can cause a number of health problems, it is important that you make sure you are getting enough calcium from your diet. Osteoporosis is a more common condition, and it is because the body is not able to absorb calcium properly. When you do not get enough calcium in your diet, it will be taken from the bones in order to maintain other functions, such as allowing calcium to flow through to the nerves.

This also means that the calcium that does not get built up in the bones will be used for other bodily functions, such as sending signals to the nerves. A calcium deficiency can cause sensitivity to pain and temperature changes. An infant who is calcium deficient may also have poor vision and breathing problems.

In adults, a calcium deficiency can cause faulty teeth and bones, as well as gastrointestinal and cardiac problems. The elderly are more likely to develop calcium deficiencies that their doctors will noticing. Things get even worse if a person suffers from osteoporosis; this is because the body does not consume enough calcium. This is due to a person not getting enough calcium from diet or medication.

This is why people with bone density issues should take an osteoporosis treatment that includes a graded intake of calcium from diet. Getting enough calcium from food is important since the process of absorbing it may not be enough for the body to deal with.

What is the best way to get a calcium supplement? Coral calcium is widely considered to be one of the most absorbable forms of calcium. This is because it is mined from coral reefs and therefore is readily available to everyone. There are many benefits to having a coral calcium mineral supplement, including being able to find a suitable replacement for antacids. Coral calcium is also naturally alkaline allowing the body to absorb it well. As a result, it allows calcium to flow to the muscles and nerves easier, resulting in better blood flow.

Not only is there great shape to your bones and teeth, but coral calcium also helps with the circulatory system. It has been proven to lower high blood pressure, prevent kidney stones, and contains effects that can prevent certain types of cancer as well. Coral calcium is the most complete and healthy source of minerals for the human body.

People who have the highest bone density are those who have sufficient levels of vitamin D in their bodies. This is because this vitamin helps the body in absorbing calcium from the diet. Having a lack of vitamin D in the body can hinder the absorption of calcium.

Coral calcium is harvested from the bodies of harp seal and tuna fish. Fortunately for us, the nutritional values of tuna and seal oil were studied in depth so people could learn how to avoid eating too much of certain types of fish. Seal oil is less expensive than fish oils, and also has a good amount of EPA and DHA.

When looking for a calcium supplement, the label should have the percentage of daily recommended value to without any heavy metals showing that a person is taking in over-exposure to such elements. Calcium citrate is a good option since it is easily absorbed. That way, it is cheaper than coral calcium.

People need to be careful when taking in calcium since it can affect their blood levels. This is especially true for pregnant women. However, it is important since only a small percentage of calcium consumed can actually be absorbed by the body.

Most of the calcium in the body is stored in the bones. Without a healthy diet, the bones will become soft and brittle. Young children especially are susceptible to brittle bones, and both parents are prematurely affected. Parents should take calcium supplements to avoid such ailments.

Children can benefit immensely from taking a calcium supplement since the body helps them in enabling the absorption of vitamin D. This means that low levels of calcium can ruin bone density, and this may result in rickets in children.

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